About the 1WEBZ


1WEBZ is a mobile apps and web development company based in Swansea. Its creator, Ashley is self-taught individual with a passion for web and all things tech.

Back in early 2011, my father tasked me to build a website for his latest company. Although I was quite inexperienced, having only learnt to build basic HTML websites, I researched further into CMS sites, to speed up my workflow. The 50+ page brochure site ran on WordPress and was a success! I remember one product page almost reaching 25k hits per month which I found to be very impressive considering it was only a brochure site.

With each passing year, I have continued to develop 1WEBZ further. I am not quite sure as to which revision this website is running, but it is approaching the 10 mark. Each revision is a significant improvement to the previous and gives me great insight into how far I have come.

The Future

When asked the question, where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years’ time most people have a generic answer of either “I do not know” or “to have a good paying job”. Personally, I consider knowledge to be more important than a well-paid salary. Everything I learn feels like a small achievement in my learning development, which is why it does not feel like work at all. I enjoy what I do, and do not plan to stop for the foreseeable future.